Baldursheimur [Suð.-Þing.]

Gammel gård ved Mývatn

Finn Baldursheimur på kartet

Omtale av Baldursheimur gård på nettstedet

«Baldursheimur is the southernmost farm in the Lake Myvatn Area nowadays, but ruins of much older farms have been discovered much further south.  In 1860, a pagan burial mound was discovered and excavated on the property, and among the artefacts were a chessboard, a small statue of a man (probably one of the gods), a horse’s harness (a horse was buried with the departed), a spear, a sword, an axe, and a shield.

This discovery hastened the establishment of The National Museum of Iceland, where these artefacts are on display.»

Utgravingssted, se arkeologiske rapporter fra 2001 og 2004

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