SKAG – Hólar í Hjaltadal

Hólar [farm], Skagafjarðarsýsla, Norðurland Vestra, Iceland

– ÞORLÁKUR Höskuldsson

«B[óndi á] Hólum í Hjaltadal»

65.7333333 N
19.1333333 W,-19.1333333&placeId=3457315&officialSpelling=H%C3%B3lar

Usikkert om dette er riktig Holar…


Hólar í Hjaltadal

This picturesquely sited educational centre known as Holar in Hjaltadal to distinguish it from several farms of the same name, is built up around the Holar cathedral and the agricultural college facilities. A bishopric for north Iceland from 1106 to 1801, now a college and an experimental farm where research work is carried out in livestock and hay crops. Holar were one of the country´s main cultural centres in the middle ages. The first printing works in the country was established here in 1530 and remained here, with short intervals until 1199

Iceland´s first Bible was printed here in 1584. Since 1882 Holar has been an agricultural college and experimental farm. Holar cathedral church, a stuccoed, hewn stone structure, completed in 1762; is the oldest church in continuous use in the country. It has among other things of interest, an early 16th century altarpiece of ornate and sumptuous craftsmanship and various other church vestments and ornaments. The separate bell tower dates from 1950.

Retrace the route back to junction. The drive continues along grassy lowlands of Höfðaströnd, sprinkled with number of farms along the route and in intervening valleys. There is a minuscule church at Gröf with a wooden gable and walls of turf and stone. This tiny church dates from the latter part of the 17th century, and is an interesting example of country church architecture of bygone eras. The drive affords fine vistas of mountains across the fjord.

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